Nick Walker Steroid Cycle: His Secret to His Bodybuilding Success

Nick Walker is a New Jersey-based professional bodybuilder on the rise. He is primarily renowned for his enormous stature, which has given him the moniker “The Mutant.”

His current measurements are 5’7″ and 255 pounds! Some predict him to be a future Mr. Olympia champion, and he has already cracked the top 5 despite being only 30 years old.

Early life of Nick Walker

Walker has spoken about his youth, during which he was assaulted and became anti-social and quiet around others. This resulted in him isolating himself and being perceived as aloof, as well as his involvement with drugs and alcohol. He usually played soccer, football, and wrestled when living in New Jersey. His favorite sport, though, was baseball, which he excelled at from an early age. However, as he grew older, he began to gravitate toward weight training, which was also a passion of his father’s. By the time he graduated from high school, he weighed 235 pounds and stood 5’7″ tall!

Early competitions Nick Walker joined

Early competitions Nick Walker joined

Walker wasted little time in competing and recruited a coach who put him on a strict regimen that helped him lose 40 pounds before a tournament. This encounter was both a disaster and a learning opportunity for him. He finished third in the Eastern USA the following year in New York. He finished second in the Teenage Nationals at the age of 19.

By 2019, he had attracted a lot of attention due to his enormous size and thickness, and he finished second at the North American Championships.

The following year was a difficult one for bodybuilders, as the pandemic struck in 2020. His gym had been closed and reopened several times. He was able to focus on refining his body and preparing for Mr. Olympia during this time. He qualified for the Olympia by winning the New York Pro after finishing fourth in the Chicago Pro.

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Walker had a fantastic year in 2021, winning the Arnold Classic and finishing a stunning fifth at Mr. Olympia. Walker is still only 27 years old, so there is no knowing how well he may perform in the coming years.

Social media

Walker has a 700,000-strong Instagram following count:

He works as a representative for both ReviveMD and Raw nourishment. His social media is filled with training videos, photos of himself, and photos of him with other bodybuilders. According to the images, you don’t want to run into this person in a dark alley because he is quite enormous.

Nick Walker’s Training

Walker has been deemed a generational talent by his coach, which means that someone like him only comes along once every 20-30 years. His work ethic has been compared to that of Jay Cutler, which is an enormous compliment. Walker has some outstanding all-time feats on his resume, including a 700-pound squat and a 650-pound deadlift. He could have easily been a powerlifter if not for bodybuilding. Here’s a video of him performing 225-pound dumbbell presses in both hands! Keep in mind that most gyms don’t even have more than 100-pound dumbbells to begin with.

Nick Walker’s Nutrition

Nick Walker’s Nutrition

A huge man like Walker requires a lot of food; it’s just the nature of the game. He consumes at least six meals every day. Berries, rice, turkey, steak, beans, chicken, and nut oils are among his favorite foods. He also consumes a shake including greens, collagen, and glutamine first thing in the morning.


Walker has a chance to win many Mr. Olympias if he can control his mass, which means focusing on cutting and bodybuilding rather than trying to ego lift in films. I’m also concerned about the impact of his heavy lifting on his shoulders, discs, and joints, and whether he’ll resort to pills instead of taking rest days to manage the pain.

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He also has the opportunity to attract a large number of young bodybuilders to the sport and lifestyle, and I hope he can be a good role model to many 20-somethings who will look up to him with envy now and in the future.

Steroid Cycle

In case you have no idea what a steroid cycle is, we’ll discuss it for you as well.

A steroid cycle is a collection of different steroids used to produce different effects on your body, performance, and overall health. Stacking one steroid with another to produce a synergistic effect is commonly referred to as steroid cycling.

Steroid regimes are used by bodybuilders who aim to gain a competitive advantage. Some steroid cycles are only used to increase performance and physical attractiveness, while others are only used for aesthetic reasons.

The user’s goals and tolerance to anabolic steroids or pharmaceutical drugs dictate the length of a cycle. The most common cycle length is between 4 and 12 weeks.

Each steroid cycle serves a distinct purpose. Some steroid cycles are designed to bulk up and increase lean muscle mass, while others are designed to cut and tone, and still others may be designed solely for strength. There are other steroid cycles that provide both physical and pharmacological benefits, such as anti-estrogenic properties and fat-burning abilities.

Each steroid cycle requires a distinct set of medications and stacks. Each user will be looking for a specific physique enhancement based on their beginning point.

Even if you are an experienced steroid user, you must understand how to cycle medications properly. It is recommended that those new to the notion of cycling study this article as well as other internet articles before commencing on their first steroid cycle.

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Nick Walker’s Steroid stack

Walker most certainly began using steroids at a young age; after all, what 17-year-old is 5’7″ and weighs 230 pounds while being under 8% body fat? It simply isn’t possible unless you use steroids in conjunction with amazing genetics. We can assume he ran this type of cycle in the run-up to the 2021 Mr. Olympia:

  • 1200mgs a week Testosterone Propionate, stopped 5 weeks ahead of competition
  • 1000mgs Trenbolone Hex, raised to 1500mgs a week 4 weeks ahead of competition
  • 1200mgs Deca Durabolin lowered 4 weeks ahead of competition
  • 200mgs Winstrol
  • 150mgs Anadrol
  • Masteron Propionate 500mgs a week upped to 1500mgs a week ahead of competition
  • HGH 25IU’s per day
  • Insulin 15Iu’s per day
  • Diuretics
  • Fat burners

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