Veterinary Care in Bronx, New YorkVeterinarian

With more than 30 years of experience, Throggs Neck Animal Hospital’s approach to veterinary care is based on our desire to help your pet live a long, healthy life in Bronx, New York. We provide our veterinary services to a variety of pets including dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, small animals, rodents, and exotic pets.


Quality & Affordable Veterinary Care

From our investment in state-of-the-art medical equipment to the caring and compassionate attitude of our entire staff, Throggs Neck Animal Hospital strives to deliver the best possible care for you and your pet day or night. Our veterinary care includes:

Paw X-Rays/EKG/Ultra Sounds
Paw Internal Medicine
Paw Preventative Health Care
Paw Skin/Dental Care
Paw General Surgery
Paw Endoscopy
Paw Ophthalmology
Paw De-Clawing/De-Worming
Paw Flea & Tick Treatments
Paw Hospital Service
Paw Spaying & Neutering
Paw Boarding

Veterinary care

Throgs Neck Animal Hospital strives to deliver the best possible care for you and your pet day or night in a clean and comfortable environment. In a state of the art veterinary medical facility, our hospital offers quality service with a caring and compassionate attitude and friendly staff.

Dr. Andrew Manesis is licensed in New York and Connecticut and has been an experienced veterinarian for over 30 years. He also practices veterinary medicine as an associate at the Companion Animal Hospital in Orange County, New York. He additionally practices and provides routine and emergency care to companion pets in all of Fairfield County, CT as part of his house call service. Dr. Andrew Manesis has trained other veterinarians locally working in the Bronx, NY who have been successful.

Annual and Biannual Exams

The physical exam consists of examining your pet’s eyes, ears, heart and other internal organs. Our staff will offer vaccinations and other preventive medicine: heartworm, flea and tick as well as information as to whether your pet needs certain medications to prevent illness, all reasonably inexpensive and catered to your pet’s needs. We strongly encourage our pet owners to apply for pet insurance.


Periodontal disease is rampant because of poor quality foods and breed predispositions. We encourage dental cleaning and polishing as advised by our veterinarian and staff to keep away foul mouth odors!


All surgery procedures are available for spaying and neutering cats and dogs and more advanced procedures in sickly pets, monitored with ECG, oxygen and blood functions knowing that our state of the art anesthesia machines successfully monitor the proper safety and care of your pets needs.

Blood Testing

Blood testing reveals many important problems your pet may be suffering from, such as Diabetes, Cushings Disease, hypothyroidism, liver, kidney and many more diseases undetected without the help of our veterinary laboratory. We also conduct in-house tests done on premises for heartworm, Lyme disease and tick born disease.


Our hospital offers updated x-ray machine quality imaging if needed, plus ultrasound, non-invasive imaging of the heart and abdominal regions of your pet’s body, often detecting serious health problems. All x-ray reports are assessed by a board certified veterinarian.

We also offer veterinary-supervised boarding for all size pets, including on-site are if needed for pets requiring prescribed medicines.